Born from the ashes of the deceased Virtual Air France (VAF) METEOR is a virtual airline without real counterpart in the field of aeronautics.

Its mission is to promote flight simulation by the provision of a fleet colors, timetables for the various categories that comprise the fleet, as well as the development and support among drivers with a mailling list private, integrated courses and a private network for beginners.

Every pilot has a personal logbook which it is responsible and which allows him to follow a career path within the company both in terms of grade that type rating.

We invite you to read the manual Driver for more information on the organization of our VA.

Theft network is undeniably an essential component of the simulation, METEOR participates in fly-inn's organized by various subsidiaries of our partner IVAO and provides its members with the tools and information necessary to carry out flights in air traffic control by through its network section.

Newcomers to RZO are supported by a team of experienced pilots for training in this type of theft both technical phraseology.

We remind you that all the information available on this site are available exclusively virtual pilots and can not therefore be any assistance for real flights.

If our site has seduced and if the virtual flight simulation is your passion, you can join our ranks by completing the registration form.

The whole team wish you a good trip on METEOR ...

Dominique Bernard GLANTZLEN
President METEOR VA